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Construction of Road and drainage work

We are a specialized road construction and drainage company offering comprehensive services for both public and private sectors. Our experienced team excels in all aspects of road construction, from site preparation to pavement and surfacing. We also specialize in designing and constructing efficient drainage systems to manage stormwater runoff effectively. Sustainability is at the core of our practices, as we employ eco-friendly solutions and strive to minimize environmental impact. With a dedicated team of professionals, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a focus on quality and safety, we deliver exceptional road and drainage infrastructure that meets the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience our reliable and sustainable construction services.

Construction of water supply and sanitary projects

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Construction of water supply and sanitary projects

Treatment Plant

For Medium and Large Scale Demands including slaw sand filter system, Aeration Cascade Structure, balancing Chamber.

Pipe Line Work

Pile line network and distribution system for urban and rural small and medium-scale projects Distribution for Industrial works and other demands

Source Works

Weir and Diversion work for water Supply and Irrigation Schemes. Well Drilling and Developing in partner with NANDESHWARA Drilling Construction Company

Electro mechanical Work for water Supply Schemes

Pump Installation for Surface and Ground Water. Generator House & Electro mechanical work

Rehabilitation of existing system

Maintenance of all type of water supply schemes including, pipe Line network, treatment, Irriga-tion Structure and other water Related Schemes.

Construction of Waste Water scheme including

Waste water treatment plant and Electromechanical work for waste water treatment plants. Waste water Sewer lines and related structures.

Road safety works

Road marking works Construction of road ancillary works supply and installation of traffic management equipment supply and installation of guard rails

Building and civil structure construction

Building Construction for different services such as social services, universities, industrial services, other. Diversified civil structures include road construction, bridges, culverts ,Culverts and Other structures.

Construction of electromechanical Works

supply of electromechanical equipment supply and installation of HVAC system & Kitchen hood Supply and Installation of straight light system, main power line and electric boards. Supply and installation of pump, generator and other related works for water supply and fire fighting projects. Supply and installation Medical Gas Piping System.

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